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Reporting and Fees

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If you are a Steward who supplies (or has supplied) designated EEE into the Ontario market at any point since the commencement of the OES program, you are required to:

  • File and submit monthly reports for quantities of EEE materials for all obligated time periods;
  • Pay fees in accordance with the appropriate Fee schedule(s) in the Program Rules and requirements. A steward may be eligible for a quarterly or annual remittance depending on their annual EHF remittance level. Please contact customer service to retermine your eligibility.

Stewards—or their Remitters/Sub-Remitters—file monthly reports by entering the number of units of obligated electronics they supplied into the Ontario marketplace through the Stewardship Registration and Reporting system. The system automatically calculates monthly remittance (based on data supplied by the Steward/Remitter/Sub-Remitter) and generates online invoices.  For help with this process, please review the Program Rules.

Program fees are based on the cost recovery funding model. Fees may be adjusted to reflect changes in costs to manage each material. For more information, visit Cost Recovery page.

OES migrated to a new reporting system on May 1, 2014, per the Steward communication dated April 7, 2014. To review the system changes and how it impacts reporting, view this detailed list.

Table of Fees May 1, 2014

Fee Schedule

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      Fees ($/unit)
Display Devices ≤ 29" Screen Computer Monitors $12.25
Display Devices <18" $12.25
Display Device 18"-29" $12.25
All-in-One (AIO) Computers $12.25
> 29" Screen Displays > 29"-45" $39.50
Displays > 45" $39.50
Desktop Computers     $1.60
Portable Computers     $1.30
Computer Peripherals Mice $0.75
Keyboards $0.75
Hard Drives $0.75
Optical Drives $0.75
Modems $0.75
Printing, Copying and Multi-Function Devices Desktop Printing, Copying and Multi-Function Devices   $8.00
Floor-Standing Printing Devices   $173.75
Floor-Standing Copying and Multi-Function Devices   $173.75
Telephones and Telephone Answering Machines   $1.50
Cellular Devices and Pagers   $0.05
Image, Audio and Video Devices Personal/Portable $0.75
Home/Non-Portable $5.00
Home Theatre in a Box (HTB) $5.00
Aftermarket Vehicle $4.00

Steward reporting and fee obligations commenced on April 1, 2009 with Phase 1 of the program. The expanded Revised (Phase 1 and 2) program began April 1, 2010.

Year 6 Fee Schedule: May 1, 2013 - April 30, 2014

Year 5 Fee Schedule: January 1, 2013 - April 30, 2013

Year 3 and 4 Fee Schedule: August 1, 2011- December 31, 2012

Year 2 and 3 Fee Schedule : April 1, 2010-July 31, 2011

Year 1 Fee Schedule : April 1, 2009-March 31, 2010